Show your accomplishments with shubeez!!

This will be quick! Just wanted to share a fantastic announcement with you all…I am an affiliate of Shubeez! yay! I’m so excited about that and just wanted to give you some information on what it is. For those of you not following me on facebook.


Shubeez are very cool collectible shoe tags that attach securely to the laces of any athletic footwear and we are creating a buzz for some awesome organizations. Everything we do gives back, whether it’s creating awareness for a cause or raising funds. We sell shubeez in our online store but we can also create a custom shubeez for your brand including non-profits, sports teams, and charity races.


These shoe accessories are really cool, some use them on bracelets and on clothes. If you are proud of your accomplishments this is a great and unique way to show your hard work. I mean I’m sure we would all like to go to out wearing our medals but going to dinner every night with it on might be uncomfortable, so this is a great alternative. Putting them on your shoe while you are training for a big race is awesome motivation!! Just look down at your feet and see the number you are training for!!! =)

Shubeez has these three options for now and a great one created for Boston which 100%  of the proceeds will be donated to The One Fund Boston, an organization founded to help those most affected by the tragedy.

You can always customize an order for your company, training group, or running team, or used for fundraising! Head on over to their site and see their stuff!

Just make sure when you add your items to your cart to choose Runner Unleashed as your affiliate!(Its the option right above the “add to cart” option) That way they know I sent you 😉 I love these shoe tags! I am so happy and proud to be an affiliate with shubeez!




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